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Vamps: Jennique Angel


Jennique Angel begin her modeling career at age 18 shooting fetish and erotic photos across Germany,Netherlands and Switzerland. She moved to New York city to become an Au Pair. She continued modeling in the US part time, when she met, comic book artist/writer turned director/photographer, Everette Hartsoe of RAZOR fame. The two of them were a match made in Hell and after an unholy union of marriage, Jennique has set her sites on the horror and b-movie market. Her 1st comic book graphic novel is being produced by Everette Hartsoe entitled, VAMPYR: CARMILLA’S CURSE and she will star in the on-line series ZOMBIE HUNTER X for Hartsoe’s Full Metal Films.

Jennique also runs the new blog http://www.horrormoviegirls.com/ her own website http://jenniqueangel.com and will launch her own line of exploitation,grindhouse movies from SHE-DEVIL CINEMA starting with a remake of DEVILGIRL from MARS, which she co-writes. Look for Jennique to make a huge splash in 2010…….


  1. Jennique,, ben je Nederlands ?

  2. Jennique, you are a goddess! been searching for pics, vids, and other media of you for years now, I consider you one of the best goth type models out there! Keep rocking that body! Love you!


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