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Citrine Metaphor Releases Digital Album House of Hexes

citrinemetaphorCitrine Metaphor has released their debut digital album House of Hexes as of February 29th, 2016 through LitWave Entertainment and CDBaby. This Haunted Attraction Accompaniment CD features ready-to-use seamlessly loopable tracks for walkthroughs, exhibitions, or other creepy installations.
About Citrine Metaphor
Alternative psychedelic rock outfit Citrine Metaphor is the solo effort of Mystikka Jade. Working with contributing creative and technical partner Payg Harmony, Mystikka intended to create House of Hexes to provide a solution to an overlooked area of sound-design needs: background ambiance and sound-effects for haunted attractions.
The physical format CD for House of Hexes is set to be released next, alongside a music-video (currently in post-production) for the single “Gathering Room (with Vocals)” on a date TBA.

House of Hexes Usage Information
Under the Creative Commons 3.0 Commercial Attribution license, each track may be utilized publicly at commercial events for free, with credit provided to Citrine Metaphor.
LitWave Entertainment also plans to feature and promote in their blog and / or social media some of the Haunted Attractions who are featuring the CD.
About Halloween Walkthroughs
Although the exact origins are unknown, haunted attractions have provided a real-time fright experience throughout small towns and big cities, usually during the Halloween season. From corn mazes and to theme-park productions, these safe spooks and scares remain a draw to people of all ages.
Yet, imagine one of these macabre events without any sounds or music. Suddenly, you’re able to hear actors shuffling their feet before they sneak up, car music blasting from the parking lot, and the creak of a trap door before it goes off, deflating the tension built by those jolting visuals! That’s where sound effects, ambiance, and musical accompaniment chime in to help.
About LitWave Entertainment
LitWave Entertainment is the umbrella company for various artistic projects by Mystikka Jade and Payg Harmony. LitWave produces indie, alternative, psychedelic, and paranormal mixed-media. Founded in January, 2016.
Contact Information
Contact Mystikka Jade and/or Payg Harmony directly by sending an email to:

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