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Film Review: My 2 Cents (short film)



A couple get advice from a mysterious waiter in an airport cafe.


Another short film, kids! Today we have MY TWO CENTS, directed by Thomas D. Moser and written by Michael O’Hare Wallace, who also appears the film as Peter the waiter. Let me say up front that I really loved the writing in this film. Mr. Wallace gives a memorable performance, also. He really is the star here.

A couple named Blaine and Dareth (played by Andy Gates and Ashley Schmitt) wander into an airport restaurant, arguing. Andy is preparing to board a flight for a job interview in Idaho, and Dareth is really against it. They encounter Peter, a congenial if not nosey waiter.

Even after they are seated, the couple continues to argue over Blaine’s planned trip. Peter is just full to the brim with helpful advice, although they really don’t want to hear it. Peter brings them irish coffee – “the best coffee in the world” – and leaves them to their debate.

SHORT-FILM----My-Two-Cents.mp4.0006 SHORT-FILM----My-Two-Cents.mp4.0003 SHORT-FILM----My-Two-Cents.mp4.0000

This is a sweet and simple story that the viewer can take a lot of away from, depending on their point of view. There’s no special effects, no gore, nothing of the horror standard as one would expect. It’s just a straight forward telling of a moment in time.

I travel frequently and I love airport bars and cafes. The staff are always very friendly, and conversation with fellow travelers not only passes the time, but becomes a brief window into a larger world. I have have met many “familiar strangers” in the course of my adventures, but nothing quite like Peter.

I really enjoyed this film. I think others will as well.

So using my special short scale of one to five, five being awesome, I’m giving this film 5 baggage tickets.

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