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Horror Funding: KIDS VS. ZOMBIES


“Haunted Trailer” and “Getting Schooled” Producer Courtney Sandifer has an awesome new kid friendly project coming up!

A young brother and sister work together to outwit a barrage of peculiar zombies, rescue their mom and save the town.

KIDS VS. ZOMBIES is a fun, full-length family movie written for kids, but with their parents in mind, too! Zombies are a big part of pop culture these days, especially with shows like “The Walking Dead”, movies like “Zombieland” and “World War Z”, and video games like “Plants vs. Zombies”. Courtney Sandifer wrote this story to reflect her own kids’ fascination with zombies, but in a way that her kids (ages 8 and 10) could actually WATCH the movie. Action will be full of wacky, slap-stick sort of “Home Alone”- type traps and defense techniques.

If you look at traditional zombie movies, there a few different types of zombies. Ours are the diseased kind, who have contracted an illness that infects and spreads through biting. The KIDS VS. ZOMBIES zombies will be gross, but without blood. No blood? Yes! Our zombies ooze gross green and black goo instead. They will have grey-green colored skin, sick looking, sunken eyes, with purple veins spreading all over their bodies. When they “bite”, it looks more like they are “sliming” someone with thick green snot. We are taking traditional zombies and making them kid-friendly and most importantly, funny!

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