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Annual Free Comic Book Event Halloween ComicFest October 31st

COMICFEST-2015The annual free comic book event Halloween ComicFest will be taking place this Saturday, October 31st at participating comic shops across the US, Canada and Internationally.

Over 1.75 million comics will be given out for FREE!

Over 1,900 comic shops are participating across the US, Canada and Internationally

There are 21 designated Halloween ComicFest titles to choose from for FREE great for both adults and kids

Comic shops give away free comics, candy, host games, giveaways, costume contests, and more for the whole community to enjoy!

The mini comics are available to purchase in bundles from comic shops and are a healthy alternative to candy to pass out to trick-or-treaters!

“The Greatest Halloween Costume Contest Ever” is taking place now through November 10th where adults and kids can enter to win a $500 or $100 shopping spree to their local comic shop!

In 4 days, participating comic shops across the US, Canada and internationally will hand out more than 1.75 million free comics to anyone who comes into their shop to celebrate the second biggest free comic book event of the year- Halloween ComicFest! On Saturday, October 31st, anyone who goes into a participating comic shop can choose from 21 free designated Halloween ComicFest comics and participate in fun Halloween related activities comic shops host for fans of all ages.

During Halloween ComicFest (HCF), 21 free comics, including 13 full-size and eight mini-comics will be given out, with titles including DC Comcs’ Harley Quinn and Batman Adventures, Marvel’s Dr. Strange and Ultimate Spider-Man and Avengers #1, Sabrina, Archie, Donald Duck, Skylanders and other great titles for comic readers of all ages to snatch up for a thrilling read.

During October through Halloween ComicFest, comic shops will have Halloween ComicFest mini packs available to purchase. Each pack contains 25 single HCF mini-comics that are great to pass out on Halloween to trick-or-treaters, providing a healthy alternative to candy, great stories that keep kids reading and wanting to return to comic shops for more!

Currently taking place on the Halloween ComicFest website and running until November 10th is “The Greatest Halloween Costume Contest Ever”. Anyone can enter one of five categories just by uploading a picture of themselves in costume holding one of the free Halloween ComicFest 2015 comics and submitting it into the appropriate category on the contest site. Prizes include $500 and $100 shopping sprees to the winner’s comic shop of choice in addition to category prizes for the participants who receive the most votes for their costume! Voting runs from November 3rd to 10th but anyone can submit their Halloween ComicFest costume contest photo through the 10th. It is crucial to remember that only photos with a Halloween ComicFest 2015 comic in the picture will be accepted.

“We want communities to participate in Halloween ComicFest to not only discover various types of comics from the great selection offered, but to see comic shops as fun Halloween destinations, a great place to meet like-minded people, and to discover the new, cool comic and pop-culture items available each week and all throughout the year,” said Halloween ComicFest spokesperson Deborah Moreland. “This year there are more comic shops participating and more free comics that will be handed out, making it a great sign that retailers are expecting for more fans to celebrate Halloween with them!”

For more information about Halloween ComicFest, the free comics, costume contest, and to find a participating comic shop, go to www.halloweencomicfest.com. So get in your Halloween costumes and take your family and friends to check out free comics and have fun at your local comic shop!

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