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Top 5 Classic Halloween Costumes

Halloween is just around the corner and the pumpkins are aplenty! People are busy transforming their cosy homes into scary lairs filled with spooky surprises. There is a tangible sense of excitement in the air and a mad scramble for costumes and accessories as everyone gears up for the big day. Have you decided who you’re going to be this year? If you haven’t, you can take inspiration from our selection of the top 5 classic Halloween costumes of all time.

  1. Hannibal Lecter – Who can forget the creepy sociopath from The Silence of the Lambs, Hannibal and Hannibal Rising? His twisted cannibalistic behaviour that led him to eat his victims’ flesh has made him one of the scariest and most famous horror villains in movie history. An orange prison jumpsuit and the infamous mask are all you need to get into this role for Halloween.


  1. Samara Morgan – The haunting character from The Ring movie series is an image that won’t let you sleep at night. Samara Morgan resembles a Japanese onryō spirit, fuelled by vengeance. She is known for her distinctive look with long black hair covering her deformed face, mouldy skin and colourless eyes. You can recreate this look with a dirty white dress, a long black wig, contact lenses and some creative makeup techniques.


  1. Freddy Krueger – Freddy is the child killer from the well-known horror film, Nightmare on Elm Street. A maniacal ghost who attacks his victims through their dreams, Krueger is one of the most gruesome horror villains in Hollywood. His trademark metal-clawed glove, striped sweater and fedora should be the focus of your costume and a burnt up face mask would just be an added bonus.


  1. Chucky – The antagonist of the Chucky horror film series, Chucky is a horrific serial killer whose spirit inhabits a doll and continuously attempts to possess a human body. The uniquely terrifying look of the character is something that can be created through overalls and carefully applied make-up. With a baseball bat in your hand and an agenda to terrorise the world, you will be a nightmare this Halloween!


  1. Michael Myers – A character that depicts pure evil, Michael Myers is an instantly recognisable figure in the horror film industry. Seen across nine films, comic books, novels and a video game, ‘The Shape’ will be a great choice for your Halloween costume. A janitorial jumpsuit and a faceless mask is all you need, with the deadly demeanour strictly optional.


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