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Introducing the Hub City Social Club Podcast Show

 The Hub City Social Club is recorded every week in Elizabethtown, Kentucky and we talk about topics such as movies (especially horror and comic book related ones), comic books, video games, wrestling, and a little bit of everything else. The personalities on the show include Tommy Davis, Dan LaFlair, Trish Erickson-Martin, and Horrornews.net’s own Todd Martin.

Each week we have a different and unique top three list created by guest host Johnny Pike   (which includes topics such as Top Three Villains of All Time, Top Three Movie Twists, etc), Trish’s Closet of Randomness, Dan’s Video Game News, and Todd’s Horror Movie of the Week, and lots of other fun and interesting things.

Check us out at www.hubcitysocialclub.com or our Facebook page

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