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GIRL UP AND DIE – Original Horror Series focusing on the experience of being a Girl

This October, we are launching GIRL UP AND DIE – an original horror anthology series focusing on the experience of being a girl. Our episodes will tell familiar tales of female horror in new ways, tackling issues ranging from the gruesome nature of social exclusion to the startling other-dimensional truths behind tampons. The series features a strictly female ensemble and hosts a variety of female writers, directors and producers.

Prepare to Girl Up And Die this Halloween season! Starting October 6, and continuingweekly, Unfriendly Productions will carve up a new installment of its grisly, girly new series,each with its own set of small-screen scream queens.


Episodes of Girl Up And Die will air onYouTube and through www.girlupanddie.comThe five-episode first season features an all-female cast with stories revolving around themes offemale horror. Possessed tampons, the unpopular undead, demonic imaginary-boyfriends, andsadistic queen bees are just the tip of the sickening iceberg in Girl Up And Die.

The series aims toslice its way into the genre in an inventive, female-driven fashion while staying true to the uncomfortablespirit of independent horror.Girl Up And Die comes from the mind of Unfriendly Productions founder and Toronto-basedwriter/producer Joshua Korngut, and was written with Emily Gagne and Samantha White.

This project has been slowly unearthing since Joshua’s youth, where he encountered a vanguard ofsecond wave of horror-heroines brought to life by the likes of Sarah Michelle Gellar, Jennifer LoveHewitt and Neve Campbell.

The series will premiere Tuesday October 6th.

For more information about the series leading up to and following the release:




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