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Interview: Lauren Parkinson (Appetites)

Lauren-Parkinson-interview-(2)Actress Lauren Parkinson (AVENGERS GRIMM, COBRAGATOR) stars alongside Bret Roberts, Travis Eberhard, Scott Barrows who plays her beloved brother Bubba and the absolutely amazing James Duval plays Paul who has an interesting encounter with Parkinson’s character Daisy. She is talented, sweet and funny. I think there will be quite a few of us girls becoming Warrior Daisy for Halloween. Parkinson spoke with me about love, Daisy and working with her co-stars in APPETITES for this Horrornews.net exclusive.

How did you prepare to play Daisy in APPETITES?

You definitely have to pull yourself together and you have to pull from yourself. I do consider myself  a chameleon and I adapt to my situation. You got to figure out where she is, who she is talking to.

The first day I got to do a few scenes with Bret and luckily it just magically happened that the first things we were shooting were kind of like the first time we were meeting and it just was like magically on. I was so struck by him as an actor at the time and that was just like you fall in love with somebody because you are so blown away by them. I felt that urge to put on a front and so I knew that when she would be at home with Bubba (her brother in the film played by Scott Barrows.) that she would be a little more relaxed. Then I had to be a hunter and that is a whole other layer on top. I started with the voice and then it all kind of came from there.

What was it like working with Cameron Casey and Actor James Duval?

Cameron is a genius and an amazing ball of energy, an inspiration and very positive and he helped me find and define how far we were going to go. He was supportive in every way. Then working with Jimmy (Jimmy Duval), well these people give a hundred percent all the time. I think we stuck him in shoes two sizes too small for him which when I was chasing him through the desert and he didn’t complain one bit. But you know it did cause a little fumble and I think he might have sprained an ankle but he kept going.

Lauren-Parkinson-interview-(4)   Lauren-Parkinson-interview-(3)

Do you think Daisy found her true love in John Doe?

Of course, you always have to find somebody that challenges you and that you’re just in total awe of and somebody that kind of fits in there.

Lauren-Parkinson-interview-(5) Lauren-Parkinson-interview-(1)

What projects are you working on next?

I did just have “Avengers Grimm” come out and “CobraGator” comes out in September and I was in like a punk rock band, a band in the swamp. I did a television pilot which is getting picked up and it will be on T.V. in August and we filmed like six episodes of that already. I did another horror thriller “The Figment” and that’s a pretty cool story and then I just shot “Scumbag,” another movie with a lot of cool people in it like Ron Jeremy and Moby. Hundreds of musicians and there is so much going on. I get to play a part time meth dealer, gold digging slut.

What advice would you pass on to fellow actors and actresses?

Believe in yourself. It sounds simple but just do you and keep going. If you want it, don’t stop. I have been working for 18 years and just in the past two years I decided to finally take the leap and not have a day job and it’s been really cool. Keep going, it’s a lot of fun and you only live once.



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