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Wicked Crush Wednesday: Berna Roberts

Wicked Crush Wednesday

Berna Roberts 3What got you in to the horror industry?

I have been a horror fan since I was a kid, so, when I moved to LA and was offered a horror film, I jumped

at the chance. I have to say, of all the different types of films I’ve done, horror films are the most fun to


What’s the scariest thing thats ever happened to you on set?

I did a film several years ago set in a secluded wooded area outside of the old mining town Silverton, Colorado. The location already made it extremely creepy. I have to say I was creeped out most of the shoot. We stayed in a multi-level log cabin, and the bathroom was on a level that no one was staying. I swear I heard movement in the night, and I just HOPED it was a rat! HA! It’s all pretty scary when you’re in it on set, if the Killer is good.

What kind of character do you like to play the most?

I love playing the character you least suspect to only be revealed later as the mastermind.
What kind of character do you wish someone would cast you as?

I would love to play a character like Lydia Rodarte-Quayle in Breaking Bad. She’s smart, strong, and

ruthless…a mastermind in her own right. OR Rachel McAdam’s current character on True Detective would be amazing.

What projects have you been up to?

I just finished a Trilogy of the “Witchcraft” franchise playing Detective Lutz. I also played the Nannies Juanita and Lupe in a

Psychological Thriller called “Sunk” set for Festival release. In Two weeks, I am leaving to work for a few weeks

on the Feature film “Slaw”…a parody to the “Saw” film franchise with John Kap of “Ride Along” and Kevin Nash of “Magic Mike”.
How can people contact you?

I can be contacted through my Manager Gerry Pass at Chrome Artists Management:

OR my Agent Lu Anne Bernier at Monarch Talent


Berna Roberts 2


Berna Roberts is a classically trained actress originally from East Chicago, Indiana. She began work in the theater at age 12. She continued working regularly until she took a break to pursue a degree in Psychology. Berna returned and made the move to New York to study theater, but, ironically, booked her first film. Immediately following filming, she landed the lead in a pilot called The Dossier, which was set to film in Las Vegas. She packed a bag and moved to Las Vegas a week later. This move ultimately brought her to California where she officially began her pursuit in film and television. Berna sought out the best in education towards her craft and in technique studying Meisner and Stanislavsky. She has never stopped studying, as she feels you never stop learning as an artist. She is currently a company member of The New American Theater Company at The Odyssey Theater in Los Angeles.

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