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Wicked Crush Wednesday: Brittany Nichole

Wicked Crush

Brittany 1What got you in to horror industry?

I’ve always loved horror, I remember the first horror movie I ever watched was the Leprechaun, I got so scared my mom sent me to bed early. Later that night she kept in my room popped up next to my bed threw some quarters and yelled ” where’s me gold” hahaha at about age 3 that was terrifying but it was also exciting. I didn’t really fall in love with horror though until the first time I watched Nightmare on elm street. I fell in love with Freddy Kruger and have been in love with horror every since.

What to you is the best thing about being an actress?

I think the best part of acting is you can be anyone and anything, you can step into another life and outlook. It definitely puts perspective in life.

What are your favorite kind of roles to play?

So far I’ve just played a victim haha it was fun the role was awesome and my character was a big jerk – but I definitely want to be the slasher…. Who doesn’t want to kill people?!

Modeling and Acting seems to be big in your life… what’s more fun for you?

Acting – even when you model technically your acting, you have a look and a role you have to pull off to get the picture to come out in the photographers vision and I think that’s what’s so fun about it. This morning I was me…. By 12 I was batgirl… By 3 I was a roman goddess…. By tonight who knows.

What projects are you up to now?

Currently there’s Scary story slumber party vol. 2, Echo lake massacre and a couple of other projects floating around and being discussed

How can people reach you if they’d like to book you for work?

Facebook is probably the easiest : my main account : https://www.facebook.com/Vanitys.echo


Brittany 2

Brittany’s Bio:

My name is Brittany Nichole but most know me by Adaland J. I hate doing bios but here we go: I’m 26, born and raised Florida girl – just recently came home. Most important thing about me is i am the proud mother of two. Huge batman and video game fan, horror fanatic, my spare time usually consists of movies and hot wings or yelling at a video game…. The evil within has been the bane of my existence lately…. I’ve been interested in acting and modeling since I could walk and talk but only recently in the last year decided to really start building a career. So far I’ve been published twice, once nationally through biker babes and I had the pleasure of filming in the movie Jinn. Mostly I’m just a gypsy girl living life and enjoying myself. From acting and modeling, white water rafting and video games to spending time with my friends and family. We only have one life so I plan on taking full advantage of the time I have.

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