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THE AUTUMN OFFERING release “horror” teaser for video and new album

The Autumn Offering is back…..with an onslaught of hatred and self-loathing, in tow! Simply titled The Autumn Offering, this is by far the band’s most crushing release to date. Chock-full of blast beats, grind drumming, and twin guitar wizardry, this album will certainly kick your ass; vocalist Matt McChesney’s screams sound as if he is being “burned at the stake”!

With a handful of new members, the band promises to be the strongest and gnarliest they’ve ever been. Revisting their roots, the band claims that the title track to 2007’s Fear Will Cast No Shadow is a menacing blueprint for this album. Matt McChesney adds “I always thought we were unfairly lumped in with the ‘metalcore’ bands.

I always thought we did much more musically and were a bit more sophisticated then your typical good cop/bad cop band. It takes balls to admit this, but yeah, we wrote a few songs that were mistakes. We made a push, half-heartedly, for the mainstream. Yet I feel like a few bad choices don’t taint two albums that I love dearly. There were a million reasons to make a record like this. Also, sensing the death of that genre of metal it made no sense to make a record that resembled it. I think we came out of it all, integrity intact.”

The new single “Born Dead” is brutally and fittingly accompanied by an eerie music video starring Scream Queen Deneen Melody (Slices Of Life, Western X) is yet to be unleashed, however, a sneak peak teaser is available here.

The Autumn Offering will be out on Victory Records August 31st, 2010.

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