LIONSGATE makes a date with BLOOD NIGHT


Got some great news for all you Danielle Harris fans out there and seriously, who isn’t a Danielle Harris fan, seriously. You’d have to be a damn fool. Anyway, Danielle has got herself a hot new little slasher flick heading our way on June 15th from LIONSGATE and it’s called BLOOD NIGHT – The Legend of Mary Hatchet. First up, check out this art: Here’s the word on what this one is about: A local … Continue reading

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Film Review: Blood Night – The Legend of Mary Hatchet (2009)


SYNOPSIS: Back in 1978 little Mary went nuts after getting her period for the first time and brutally slaughtered her parents. She was locked away in an insane asylum for years where she was raped and impregnated by one of the orderlies. After giving birth to a still born baby she proceeds to kill pretty much everyone else at the hospital with her until she is taken down in a hail of bullets. Her rampage … Continue reading

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