Film Review: The Devil Within (2010)


SYNOPSIS: Sirena decides to celebrate her eighteenth birthday by having her friends over at her place for a pool party. Everything goes great and everyone is having a wonderful time until a knife-welding killer decides to crash the party and starts butchering the guests. Is the killer just some random psycho or is it someone that Sirena knows? REVIEW: Being a huge slasher fan I couldn’t wait to check out “The Devil Within” after I … Continue reading

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Interview: Elizabeth Di Prinzio (Terror Bytes, The Devil Within)


How did you break into acting? Break? I’m still at the door kicking! I started doing plays when I was younger and just never stopped. After high school, I started going to college, but I was miserable there. I wanted to be in Los Angeles, the only classes i was interested in were the few acting classes that the school offered, so I left. “The Devil Within” was a great little movie that helped me … Continue reading