Trailer: S&MAN (2006) GreenBand Trailer

Trailer: S&MAN (2006) GreenBand Trailer S&MAN begins with footage from Michael Powell’s exploration of voyeurism, “Peeping Tom.” Director JT Petty uses this footage as a starting point to examine the classic comparison between filmmaking and voyeurism, particularly within the horror genre. He goes on to investigate this connection further, but rather than looking to classic horror films, Petty explores the seedy underground genre of fetish films.

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Interview: Eric Marciak (S&Man)


A little while ago I blessed all of you with a review of one disturbingly good movie called “S&MAN” & now I have had the great pleasure to interview the Star of the film Mr. Eric Marciak. Here’s what he had to say about the himself, the film & a litany of other subjects: The Black Saint: First of all, how are you doing today? Eric Marciak: Fine! I’m doing alright. TBS: Where are you … Continue reading

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Film Review: S&Man (2006)


SYNOPSIS: Exploring the parallels between film making and voyeurism, director J.T. Petty aims his camera at the world of underground horror films, interviewing scream queens and scholars and finding one auteur whose snuff series seems all too convincing. This thought-provoking documentary constantly compels viewers to question whether the grisly images they’re watching are the real deal or elaborate fakes — and whether Petty himself has ulterior motives. REVIEW: Hello to all of you my friends … Continue reading

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Exclusive: S&Man Trailer – just posted

S&Man available on Blu-ray and DVD October 12th

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