Film Review: Arrombada – I Will Piss in Your Grave (2007)


SYNOPSIS: A convicted drug dealer (Vinnie Bressan) is required by a court of law senator twice elected by popular vote (Coffin Souza) to kidnap a girl (Ljana Carrion) to satisfy their lower instincts in the great company of his private physician masturbator (Gurcius Gewdner) and his father preferred sexy

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Film Review: 2000 Anos pra Isso? (short film) (1996)


SYNOPSIS: none given REVIEW: As a distorted celebratory score blares over this rough looking footage, a young man undresses in front of a recently murdered corpse, that lay waiting inside his bathtub. This curious short by Petter Baiestorf methodically focuses in as our machete wielding subject slowly cuts directly into the bodies stomach layer by layer. Then revealing what looks like a intestinal collective of bad sausage, proceeds to investigate further. This early extreme short … Continue reading

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