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Film Review: Arrombada – I Will Piss in Your Grave (2007)



A convicted drug dealer (Vinnie Bressan) is required by a court of law senator twice elected by popular vote (Coffin Souza) to kidnap a girl (Ljana Carrion) to satisfy their lower instincts in the great company of his private physician masturbator (Gurcius Gewdner) and his father preferred sexy


It’s pretty amazing how much weird and nasty can get squeezed into a thirty-nine minute short film, but Arrombada – Vou Mijar na Porra do Seu Tumulo definitely pushes the envelope. Directed by Petter Baiestorf, the titles roughly translates to “Burgled – I P*ss In Your F*cking Grave,” but the movie goes by its slightly less offensive title “Arrombada – I Will P*ss In Your Grave,” every variation of which is a very obvious nod to the Meir Zarchi film I Spit On Your Grave. In fact, it appears the entire movie is just one big homage to the director’s favorites (even in the credits we see the movie is para Jesus Franco and Lina Romay).

(Reviewer’s note: unfortunately, Arrombada comes without English subtitles. However, while we may miss smaller details derived through conversations, the general idea of the short film still comes through loud and clear).


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In the first few seconds of the movie, a long-haired guy throws up just inches from the camera, then goes back to drinking straight from a bottle, vomit streaking his beard, while three men pull a woman from the hatch back of a car. In the background, a half naked man in a diaper runs around with a blood stained flag. A man with a Hitler-style moustache, who we infer is a judge, gives a Nazi salute, and the credits roll over a G G Allin song. Yep, that’s how the movie starts. And it only gets weirder/sicker.

From here on out, we get brutal rape mixed with slapstick comedy, automatically making this movie more offensive than most other rape-centered films. In this case, we have a brutal and violent and dirty rape scene happening while two weirdo goofball guys sit at the side of the room in their weird costumes (presumably one is a doctor while the other is a priest) and touching themselves. They take a break to go outside and share some wine, then come back in, sedate the girl with an injection, and proceed to do it all again, this time even more graphically. These scenes are very explicit and come complete with artificial bodily fluids shooting all over the place.


Somehow, the girl wakes up and becomes totally coherent, and as soon as she is alone with the judge character, she puts on her high heels and smashes one down into his eye, then poops on his face and in his mouth, before escaping a running away. She finds a random half body hanging in the yard and steals the leather jacket it is wearing. There is a chase scene, where the original puking guy re-appears and she kills him with a hammer up the butt (?) and the doctor character ends up chopped to bits with an axe. But let’s just say the end is not a happy one for the poor kidnapped girl.


Within the film, Baiestorf attempts to intercut flashbacks and flash-forwards to aid the storyline. We see that the bearded puking guy had lured the girl to his place with cocaine, then beat her unconscious before delivering her to the group of perverts. Without subtitles, I can’t say why he did it, but he certainly is partially to blame for the hell that reigns down upon her. For the most part though, the cuts don’t make anything better, only more cluttered. The director also utilizes a very unique soundtrack, employing hardcore punk and metal songs alongside some random 1970’s action scene music (calling to mind Thriller: A Cruel Picture), the classic (and already associated with rape thanks to A Clockwork Orange) “Singing in the Rain,” and Wesley Willis’ “Rock & Roll McDonalds.”


I was not familiar with Baiestorf’s work before viewing this little gem, but from doing a little research on the director, it appears most of his films fall into the same sleaze and filth category as Arrombada does. The only reason this movie seems to exist is to show nasty rape and gore, as there doesn’t seem to be much of a plot. The gore is excessive and over the top, often so fake looking as to appear cartoonish (see the poop-in-face scene or the later necrophilia scene involving a sliced open woman). The rape is graphic, possibly X-rated, and as always disgusting. And the weirdness factor is definitely through the roof. Every character (minus the girl victim) seems to be uncontrollably perverted, humping axes and finding pleasure from things sticking out of dead bodies. When a body in a tarp is left in a road, the soundtrack plays a radio newscast announcing that Hitler is dead. But no amount of weirdness can save a movie without a plot, and so my first experience in the world of Petter Baiestorf is a less than memorable one.

Arrombada –  I Will Piss in Your Grave (2007)

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