Could A Big Screen Version Of NEVERMORE Be In Our Future?

Although I have not had the honor of seeing it for myself it is pretty well known fact that one of the must see events to have happened in actor Jeffery Combs career was playing Edgar Allen Poe in a one man stage show titled NEVERMORE. The show ran for years at the Steve Allen Theater in LA and even had a very successful East Coast run. Needless to say, most horror fans have most … Continue reading

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Book Review: Nevermore – Author Harold Schechter


NEVERMORE Written by Harold Schechter Published by Atria Publication Date: 2009 Format: B&W – 336 Pages Price: $20.99 Few American writers are as famous (or infamous) as Edgar Allan Poe. Short story pioneer, literary critic and master of the macabre, Poe is often credited with the introduction of both horror and detective fiction to the American public at a time when literature was often imported from Britain. He is also well known for his personal shortcomings, most … Continue reading

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