Film Review: The Aborted (2010)


SYNOPSIS: Someone has brutally murdered Tyson’s sister, at first it seems to be part of a killing spree, a serial killer bent on mutilating young women, but as Tyson begins to dig deeper he begins to realize that all of the girls have had one thing in common; they’ve all had at home abortions performed by a mysterious girl named Raven. As he begins to uncover the truth, he uncovers a supernatural and hellbent force, … Continue reading

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Film Review: The Last Battleground (2010)

Film Review: The Last Battleground (2010)

SYNOPSIS: The end of the world has happened and the survivors must band together to fight the evil around them. REVIEW: Covering indie horror is harder than murdering someone with six other people and trying to keep it a secret. Honestly, there’s a strong, well-defined barometer for what sucks and what doesn’t in mainstream cinema of any sort, but with something that’s independent, one is absolutely required to make concessions and take into account a … Continue reading

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