Film Review: Her Heart Still Beats (short film) (2011)


SYNOPSIS: A man becomes possessed by his wife’s eyes and struggles to cope with the evil that comes over him. REVIEW: From writer / director Christopher Di Nunzio, arrives a new short film thriller. Titled “Her Heart Still Beats”, we open up on Ed Gallo (Fiore Leo) confessing his love and regret for past deeds against his wife Sarah (Leighsa Burgin). Ed sits in the back of a car addressing our POV before turning to … Continue reading

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Trailer: Her Heart Still Beats (2011)


Presenting the new trailer Her Heart Still Beats” based on Edgar Allan Poe’s The Tell Tale Heart. Synopsis: When Ed’s wife comes home early from work one day he becomes overtaken by a strange feeling when he looks into her eyes. Disturbed or possibly just paranoid, Ed becomes possessed with his wife’s eyes and struggles to understand these feelings. Is she evil or is he insane? They may not have enough time to find out. … Continue reading

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