Film Review: American Maniacs (2010)


SYNOPSIS: A terrifying story of six members of an evangelical Christian group who have been abducted in rural Kansas REVIEW: Right about the first minute mark of the opening credit sequence, set to a catchy metal riff within the grubby confines of a small town Kansas strip club, I knew I was watching the latest trend in horror movie mimicry, the Rob Zombie-inspired flick.  I’m not quite certain whether or not I’m on board with … Continue reading

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Film Review: Berdella (2009)

Berdella movie (2009)

SYNOPSIS: Bob Berdella seems like a nice enough guy even if there is something just a little odd about him. What people don’t know is that he is actually a vicious serial killer who pretty much just targets males. By day he works at a crappy little thrift store that he owns and by night he goes out and convinces unsuspecting victims to come back to his place so they can get drunk and do … Continue reading

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