Film Review: The Bushwhacker (1968)


SYNOPSIS: A deranged man (with a groovy Davy Crockett hat) shoots down a small plane and then hunts down the survivors. REVIEW: I knew that I was in for an awesomely bad treat when The Bushwacker started and I saw that the title card for the film was just painted on plywood and placed haphazardly in front of the camera. From there things just got progressively stranger and I have to admit that I loved … Continue reading

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Film Review: Slaughter (UK) (2009)


SYNOPSIS: Ride shotgun with a deranged, serial killing, rapist. Go inside the head of escaped mental patient, David Ward, as a he terrorizes the town of Collingwood, England. As you watch from David’s vantage point, you will see that drugs, rape, murder, and sodomy are all just a day in the life of this madman. David was kind enough to document his killing spree. Crawl inside his thoughts. REVIEW: Slaughter was a disappointing watch for … Continue reading