Film Review: 15 Till Midnight (2010)


SYNOPSIS: Parallel worlds collide as a secret society policing this phenomena track a man whose wife has seemingly disappeared. REVIEW: If you’ve felt like you’ve entered into a time warp in the last year, I’m not surprised. There seems to be quite alot of stirring in the quantum physics area…so much that it’s boiled over into film and fantasy. A deja vu, an alternate dimension. a jump back into time or back into forward….I forget … Continue reading

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Trailer: 15 Till Midnight (2010)


Trailer: 15 Till Midnight Lukas Reyes is trapped in a seemingly endless loop between parallel existences, one being occupied by his spouse, Sera, and another being occupied by a relation from another life, Nara. As worlds seem to begin colliding and further bleeding into one another, he finds himself pursued by a group of shadow-men known as “The Knowers”. The common thread between everything being a significance with the time 11:45 – fifteen minutes until … Continue reading

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