Insanity Rauns RampAnt in Takashi Shimizu’s ALTER EGO


Eagle One Media releases undiscovered Takashi Shimizu (The Grudge/Ju-on) horror film Alter Ego on DVD and Digital for the first time! Eagle One Media is proud to announce it will distributeTakashi Shimizu’s undiscovered Japanese film Alter Ego to worldwide audiences for the first time. Takashi Shimizu, the famed director behind The Grudge and Ju-on horror franchises, was intimately involved as Supervising Director on Alter Ego and the feature film has never before been released outside … Continue reading

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Trailer: Alter Ego (2002)

Trailer: Alter Ego (2002) Originally released as MĂ´ hitori iru – a new freaky thriller out of the Asian Horror Market

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