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“Beauty Is Only Skinned Alive” Premieres April 5

“For some women, the foundation for confidence and success lies in a glamorous appearance…the loss of which becomes a life-altering tragedy, driving them to a pathological hatred of others!”

These words aptly introduce the 56th episode of the cult TV series, “Lee Martin’s The Midnight Hour,” premiering Thursday, April 5.

“Beauty Is Only Skinned Alive” (S5, Ep8), is set in a small-town salon, where weary owner Bev (Sharon Sigler) is preparing to close up for the night. A bell connected to the front door is heard ringing but when Bev investigates, she sees no one. Fearing the worst, she picks up a night stick near her cash register, making a search of the shadowy salon…a move she soon regrets.


For hiding amongst the beauty care products and salon chairs is Ursula (Pauline Ann Johnson), a hideously disfigured woman whose bestial violence is matched only by her greed for hard, cold cash. The following day, two young women (Lillian Lamour, Andi Foster) visit the salon expecting to keep their appointments with Bev…but daylight hasn’t dispelled Ursula’s malevolent presence and nothing can prepare the women for the brutality that awaits them at “The Midnight Hour.”

“Beauty Is Only Skinned Alive” airs every Thursday and Saturday throughout April, 2013. Visit www.leemartinsthemidnighthour.com for channels, times and a live streaming video simulcast link.

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