Podcast: Evolution of The Apocalypse – Debut

Evolution Of The Apocalypse
“Saving The World One Podcast at a Time”

Welcome to the newest Podcast here at Horrornews.net brought to you by some hardcore zombie enthusiasts, Matt Tolson and Mike Caldwell.  Now, they’ve been doing The Evolution of the Apocalypse podcast for awhile, but now it’s part of the Horrornews.net lineup.  This is a show like no other.   MIke & Matt talk about not only “everything” zombie but also they have their own survival guide for when the apocalypse goes down.  Did I mention they brew there own beer.  You can hear all about that too.  These guys are ready to talk about horror and they’re not joking around… okay, maybe they are.

In case of a zombie outbreak and you don’t know what to do and you haven’t listened to the latest episode of EOTA,  you can contact the experts at evolutionoftheapocalypse@gmail.com

Enter website at your own risk:

This podcast just might save your F’N’ life!





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5 Responses to Podcast: Evolution of The Apocalypse – Debut

  1. Mike Joy says:

    Mike & Matt, Welcome to our HorrorNews.net family! You guys have a quality show.

  2. Hippiehexx says:

    Matt and Mike are a laugh riot! And informative to boot. Find the time to listen to one, you’ll be hooked. Great job fellas! Keep the beer flowing!

  3. mikeyxd9 says:

    Thanks guys Matt and I are thrilled about our new home!

    • Hey guys, great show! Love the conversation, we need more podcasts, like yours ;)
      BTW, just for clarification, we are HorrorNews.net, “Horror News Network” is another site that felt compelled to use a portion of our name ;(
      Thanx guys!

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