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Book Review: Zombie Cat: The Tale of a Decomposing Kitty – Authors Isabel Atherton | Bethany Straker

Zombie cat, zombie cat where are thou…zombie cat. No not Shakespeare, but still a fun little picture book. If you’ve picked this up, it’s because you were intrigued as I was about a childrens-looking book that follows the life of a cat infected by a zombie viral outbreak. The title alone makes you want to break into song about nasty mangy reanimated strays, though it’s the simple narrative and a smattering of cool, gruesome cartoon illustrations that makes this a fun little ditty of a book.

You probably don’t want your children adding this to their Sesame Street shelf reads as it’s definitely got an adult-only theme to it. I’d have to point to the consumption of one little girl by hungry zombie cats as a red flag. No, this is an adult Halloween-style book that caters to all “The Walking Dead” fans out there (or zombie hounds, if you may).

The story details the evolution of “Tiddles”, the perfect house cat bitten by radioactive rodents. Her new transformation comes as a result which also gives her the hunger for human flesh (or other for that matter). As she decomposes, she begins to realize that her old ways or living within the comfort of her master’s living room are much more suitable. The 2 of them rejoin out of the bustle of the outbreak that is occurring just outside their window with an understanding that the master can’t be eaten.

They rekindle their relationship as “Zombie Cat” is re-sewn and allowed to exist under roof while even taking a moment to practice a few Michael Jackson moves. It’s a fun read, with some gruesome embellishments from the mind of author Isabel Atherton. The attractively gory pics inside arrive under the artistry of illustrator Bethany Straker.

It’s 32 pages, hardbound, and quick to read (under Skyhorse Publishing). Not bad for the small price that this little zombie fan paraphernalia piece asks. A perfect gift for the zombie fan friend that doesn’t mind a few laughs to go with their recreational reading.

Book Review: Zombie Cat: The Tale of a Decomposing Kitty – Authors Isabel Atherton | Bethany Straker

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