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Vamps: Mary_C


I often choose dark, gothic and retrò-alternative style for my photos, but it depends on the mood and on what I want to realize with each particular image. I love modelling without any doubt for the chance to know lots of artists and different styles, but I also want to prove myself and see how much my work can be good, till it becomes real art!  I love the way the photographer can capture an image of beauty and expression, stopping the time. I also love playing always different roles.

I’m also a published writer: I write goth novels since when I was 16, as a conseguence of my eternal love for reading. A few years ago I sent my dark stories to various italian editors ( DelosBooks, GDS Editions, Montag Editions, Caravaggio Editions…) with good results, so I decided to continue. Some of my novels have been translated and published on the American magazines Gothic Noir Magazine e Alt Noir Magazine and on the Detush e-zine Künstlertheke.

Then, I have decided to explore each form of art who can help me recreate Gothic literature atmosphere in my everyday life: I started with dark photos about two years ago; I shared some of them in the web, then I’ve also found many artists who painted me.

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