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Film Review: The Puzzle (short film) (2008)


A woman refuses to give money to her son, despite of his continuous pressure. One night she decides to relax and forget her troubles with her favorite pastime: making puzzles. However, this simple table game hides strange features that can turn her peaceful night into a nightmare. “There is always a piece in the puzzle of your life that does not fit.


With a short time span of 5 minutes, “The Puzzle” takes the simple road. I have seen alot of these shorts, and to me, the ones that leave an impression are the ones that end on a more clever note. “The Puzzle” is one such short.

As our focal woman receives a stressful call from her son. She entertains the night by filling the time with a puzzle. The image within the puzzle comes more into view as the night progresses. Emotions are heightened as a chill comes crawling in. Alone, she soon realizes the reason for the uneasy feelings she has been having.

This encapsulates the essence of “The Puzzle”. A lonely night, a strange sensation and a puzzle that needs completion.

Davide Melini writes and directs this short which makes for a fine entry thriller that would work well within an ensemble showcase. The piece itself can be see here We don’t; need alot of information to put the pieces together (so to speak) but the synopsis above might give a clue or 2 more than what is presented. In short, nice work.

The Puzzle (short film) (2008)

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  1. I saw The Puzzle when it was released. Honestly it is a classical movie.

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