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The Eschatrilogy and a Demon called Storyteller – Stills and Trailer

A sneek peak at a new anthology titled “The Eschatrilogy”  – Produced by Nicola Morter Written & Directed by Damian Morter by SafeHousePictures

“The Eschatrilogy” : The title of the book written by a demon known as “THE STORYTELLER”.

Frustrated and angered by man’s arrogance and lack of fear “THE STORYTELLER” brandishes his own punishment on a small community, infecting the inhabitants, he causes them to release their own Inner Monster, turning friend against friend and father against son. Observing their turmoil the demon logs and documents three stories which take place amidst the chaos, these tales which offer a warning for future generations to come, to be remembered and revered by all…

DEAD INSIDE – A father leaves his wife and daughter late one evening to finish a job. On the road he comes across the scene of an accident and offers his help to a woman who then dies in his arms, on calling the police the man witnesses the woman returning to life, snarling and hungry for blood she attacks, mauling him by the roadside. The father then awakes, rising up back from death with a single motivation…to get home to his wife and child… but will he be welcome, or is he DEAD INSIDE.

THE DYING BREED – Alex is a happy young man, enjoying a quiet night in with his girlfriend until a knock at the door changes everything. Thrust into a living nightmare, Alex must navigate the death ridden streets, avoiding monsters at every corner, as the town in which he lives has become a wasteland of evil. Armed only with a baseball bat and a desire to see his mum, will Alex survive the endless obstacles and carnage before him or will he fall prey to….THE DYING BREED.

A FATHER FOR THE DEAD – As the Small town of Pine grove falls at the hands of it’s dead occupants one father escapes, driving himself and his injured son to safety. However after taking refuge at an abandoned sport’s complex, the man soon discovers he is not alone and other survivors are already inside. Threatened by the boy’s injuries the others take the man and his son hostage until a horde of the undead burst into the complex and surround them. Now the man must take on an ever growing army of monsters and the most dangerous predator of all…frightened human beings. Will he protect his son, or just become … A FATHER FOR THE DEAD.

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