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Film Review: Night of the Blood (short film) (2016)


Zombies, in clay form


Got some more short films for you, kiddies! Today we have NIGHT OF THE BLOOD, written and directed by Matt Pass.

Not a lot to explain, really. It’s an adorable one and a half minute claymation tale of the zombie apocalypse. I love claymation and I don’t get to see much of it anymore outside of student films.

That being said, it’s not exactly the best claymation I’ve ever seen. I will give credit for work, though. It’s a long, arduous process to get stop-motion animation on film and I respect the patience on the part of the filmmaker to get this thing done. I certainly do not have that level of patience.

It’s just a short, simple little film that’s kind of fun to spend a minute and a half watching. Sometimes, that’s all you really need.

So using my special short scale of one to five, five being awesome, I’m giving this film 3 Play-Dough pots.

SHORT-FILM---NIGHT-OF-THE-BLOOD-a-short-zombie-claymation-MATT-PASS-(3) SHORT-FILM---NIGHT-OF-THE-BLOOD-a-short-zombie-claymation-MATT-PASS-(1) SHORT-FILM---NIGHT-OF-THE-BLOOD-a-short-zombie-claymation-MATT-PASS-(5) SHORT-FILM---NIGHT-OF-THE-BLOOD-a-short-zombie-claymation-MATT-PASS-(4)

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