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Why Sexy Images on Horrornews.net?

First off, thank you for stopping by and taking time to view, engage, and read our materials on HNN. We realized long ago that our audience, while diverse, has taken a special interest in certain aspects of the horror and movie genre that can’t be ignored. While we’d love to provide you with loads of compelling articles and top 10 lists (ya, I know……….. we keep churning them out as we found alot of readers love those kind of things), we also want to provide materials that users show interest in.

Getting to the point at hand, we tried a couple of these galleries and it blew the roof off in user interest! That being said, we know many readers don’t mind having some eye candy to accompany the often dark and brooding horror content that comes our way. Moving forward we have a whole list of targeted ladies that have made great contributions to our genre that we intend on adding. So while it’s the onscreen talent that really matters, we don’t mind throwing these lovely individuals additional respect by featuring some of their publicized photo shoot efforts.

We value readers opinions especially if it’s requested items. We also tried to avoid those obvious “click-bait impression-driven pages” that try and get readers to click thru 20-30 pages to see the entire collection.

Nope…none of that!…1 page, 1 intent and your back on track to reading our compelling content. That is how much we care about our readers!

You should know that we avoid nudity and inappropriate inclusions. We are fine with sexy and sexiness, however we still want to respect the featured actresses by only including tasteful inclusions. Many of these shots are directly captured per the featured actresses photo shoots which were intended for those exact reasons (to provide a look at the models and actresses outside of the element of motion pictures).

I mean do you really want to scour the Internet to find all those sexy princess Leia images or go to 1 source?

Many more to come, we thank you for your interest and interest in HNN.

We would also like to extend kudos to the original hard working photographers and publications who invested the time to capture these great images.