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“Grognard” plot linked to Hollywood Murder – Childhood friend of author Patrick J.F. Quéré suspected killer

The childhood friend of a troubled Hollywood man who brutally killed his mother last month says his novel may have been the inspiration for the murder. Beau Henri Bruneau, 29, sits in a Broward County jail, charged with premeditated murder for the Oct. 30 killing of Nancy Bruneau. Paramedics found Nancy Bruneau's body on the front yard of her Hollywood home, with the severe trauma to her head. Now, 28-year-old Patrick Quéré, who grew up with Bruneau, attending middle and high school with him in the '80s and '90s, fears his new book may have helped lead Bruneau down a dark path.

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Book Review: Grognard – Author Patrick J. F. Quéré

There is no getting around it; Grognard is a difficult novel to read in the extreme. It is a challenge not to dismiss it, put it down and perhaps even throw away. There are racial slurs, homophobic rants, obscene sexual cravings, disgusts and depravities, harsh and cruel social labeling and name-calling and general nihilistic inhumanity on a wholesale scale. But there are also moments of love and compassion (no matter how queer or alien to the “civilized” eye) and the search for worth amongst the self-loathing and blame. And there is pity to be felt. It is a well written novel of understated, psychological horror that gathers its power in an accumulating storm of words and ideas that beat you down like dark driving weather, and when the physical horror – the violence - finally arrives it is sudden and shocking, voyeuristic and ultimately (you realize) inevitable.

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