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Film Review: Creepozoids (1987)

Rate This Movie SYNOPSIS: In a post-apocalyptic setting billed as World War III a group of military deserters are on the lamb from the line of duty, the enemy as well as climactic conditions such as fatal acid rain. They encounter a deserted government research facility in the guise of a bomb shelter. Together they vie to survive the elements, …

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Forget ALIEN…CREEPOZOIDS is Coming to Blu-ray! Uncut! Remastered!

Full Moon presents The Blu-ray premiere of cult B movie classic CREEPOZOIDS Your Flesh Will Crawl Right Off Its Bones! From legendary cult filmmaker David DeCoteau (PUPPET MASTER III, SORORITY BABES IN THE SLIME BALL BOWL-O-RAMA) and producer Charles Band (RE-ANIMATOR) comes one the most beloved B-horror/fantasy films of the 1980s: CREEPOZOIDS! Blending key elements of genre hits MAD MAX …

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