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Horror Funding: Three New Legendary Monster Films on the Way from Small Town Monsters

Crowdfunding campaign to fund production of mythical creature projects is now live In 2018 three legendary monsters get the documentary treatment when award-winning production company, Small Town Monsters, unleashes The Flatwoods Monster, The Bray Road Beast, and On the Trail of… Champ. Turning to Cryptid enthusiasts and lovers of the strange and spooky alike, the studio has launched a Kickstarter …

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Frontiers Music Srl To Release Kip Winger Solo Box Set Collection March 23, 2018

On March 23, 2018, Frontiers Music Srl will release a box set collecting all the solo works of acclaimed Grammy Nominated Composer Kip Winger into one collection. The set will be comprised of Kip‘s solo albums, including: ·       This Conversation Seems Like a Dream (1997) ·       Down Incognito (1998) ·       Songs from the Ocean Floor (2000) ·       From the Moon to the Sun (2008) …

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DREAM CHILD, New Band Featuring: Craig Goldy, Wayne Findlay, Simon Wright, Rudy Sarzo and Diego Valdez; Debut Album Due

DREAM CHILD, New Band Featuring: Craig Goldy, Wayne Findlay, Simon Wright, Rudy Sarzo and Diego Valdez; Debut Album Due Out Via Frontiers Music Srl Frontiers Music Srl is proud to announce the formation of a brand new band featuring legends of the hard rock/heavy metal scene, DREAM CHILD!  Check out the amazing group’s lineup:

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Circle of Dust Releases Contagious Remix Single by Sebastian Komor

Industrial-metal project Circle of Dust kicks off 2018 with a brand new remix of “Contagion” from the project’s 5th full-length album, Machines of Our Disgrace. Bridging the gap between thrash metal and heavy electronic bass, this wicked remix of “Contagion” by Sebastian Komor gives the track new life. Experience glitchy vocals and revamped guitars, while still head banging to the …

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MONSTERS IN THE CLOSET – Horror Anthology Feature Film Seeks Funding

Allentown PA filmmakers are producing a new horror anthology feature film MONSTERS IN THE CLOSET on Kickstarter. The Snygg brothers are both writing, directing and lighting their first feature film since BEASTER DAY: Here Comes Peter CottonHell.  They  are funding the film mostly by themselves, but need help in their completion of their project. Feel free to donate (money or …

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Vamps: Matti Macabre

BIO: They call her Mattie “Macabre” because she roams the eerie streets of New Orleans with paintbrush in hand.. painting the naked bodies of willing women. Born on the swamps of the Sabine River, Mattie Macabre was raised amongst horror movies and gore. Mattie’s is a bodypainter and artist who’s unique style has been called upon by Author Grey Cross …

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Vamps: Alley Shiver

Alley Shiver Photo 11

BIO: Modeling for five years, also a professional SFX makeup artist – GORE is my middle name!! Credits: *Runway: Women In Art Fashion Show, Indy – 4/2006 Wearable Art Show, Indy – 9/2007 Menagerie, Indy – 3/2008 Breaking The Mode, Indy – 4/2008 *Print: BSU Daily News – 12/2005 BSU Daily News – 10/2007 Cover model: Daily News Halloween Guide …

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Vamps: Suzie Lorraine

Suzie Lorraine photo 5

BIO: Suzi Lorraine, an actor, writer and model from NYC, has appeared in GQ, Esquire, FHM, Modern Bride Magazine, Filmmaker Magazine, Marquis Magazine, and Varla Magazine, and has done extensive print work including ads for Nike, Mercedes, Electric Lingerie, Tosca Olive Oil, Floodline Clubwear, All the Rage jewelry, and numerous swimsuit catalogs and music videos. She starred in many indie …

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Vamps: Devanny Pin

BIO: Devanny Pinn, who is appropriately nicknamed the “Horror Barbie”, is exploding onto the B-horror scene for 2009. This scream queen and sultry vamp admits that the only thing she loves more then playing with her hair and makeup, is getting drenched in blood! Recently she is being given plenty of opportunities to express her gory passion- she is sharing …

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Vamps: Gore Whore Michelle

BIO: 27 yrs old residing in Illinois burbs near Chicago. Started doing horror makeup about 4 years ago, Been obsessed with Horror movies since I was a little kid. Decided to collaborate with my twin sister to start our Gore Morbid Photography when I moved from Boston in 2004. Learned some special FX in Burbank California for 2 months and …

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