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Destination Review: Gallows Hill Spirits Co


Destination Review: Gallows Hill Spirits Co.

2208 S. 12th Street, Allentown, PA 18103

In my life, I’ve been to been to a variety of places. I discovered Gallows Hill Spirits Co. thanks to my fellow inventive, and creative friend, Mr. Joe Scrizzi. What is Gallows Hill Spirits Co.? Gallows is a distillery located in the Lehigh Valley. It’s not just any distillery, it’s steeped in history. The owner of Gallows is a descendant of Samuel Wardwell. Samuel was a “common carpenter with a penchant for predictions.” He was known as the “Soothsayer of Andover.” The owner Bob Piano gives tours and discusses in-depth the history of his family. You can read some of the history on the website but taking the tour is so incredible.

Gallows is one-of-a-kind, there is nothing ordinary about Gallows. The spirits, the people, the ambiance of it all. The high vibrations, there is indeed something magical in the air at Gallows.

Gallows has quite a few events going on throughout the week including Game Night on Thursday’s. This past Thursday two amazing humans brought in Jim Henson’s Labyrinth game. It was a blast, and there were a few other games happening while Labyrinth was being played.

On Friday’s if you like music, and come on, who doesn’t?! Music Bingo happens every Friday night at Gallows with DJ Bluto who owns, Big Productions. It’s a blast. The music, the people, the spirits.

Gallows is also hosting several events, and Halloween is a busy time of the year for Gallows as Gallows décor is inspired by Salem and the Witch Trials. The ceiling is adorned with the pointed hats, beautiful lighting, the back-drop of the bar was designed to be a replica of The Witch House at Sale. The Jonathan Corwin House, known locally as The Witch House. It’s located at 310 Essex Street in Salem Massachusetts. (https://salemwitchmuseum.com/locations/jonathan-corwin-house/)

The walls adorned with artwork and history from the Salem Witch Trials.

Gallows also has Karaoke Night, Trivia Night on Wednesday’s, and Make ‘N Take Events does bottle painting. You get to paint beautiful bottles, shadow boxes, and more while drinking spirits and having fun with friends.

Gallows is a distillery as I’ve mentioned. Everything is made at Gallows. It’s all hand crafted spirits. They have Limoncello di Piano, a “family favorite traditional liqueur, Arancello di Piano, and Cannellacello di Piano. The Amaretto di Piano, Gallows’ Posset-Vanilla Chai, and of course you can pick up some unparalleled merchandise including custom-made coasters.

Gallows has gift cards available if you want to get that special someone you love something unique or if you just want to visit, and try the spirits? You can do the tour; do the tasting they offer. There is a lot to do at Gallows. It’s one of those places that once you go there, you fall in all kinds of love.

You also make friends for life. I’ve met some of the best people at Gallows. I’ve had bad days, good days, and all in between, and when you get to Gallows you just kind of forget. The people that work there are amazing. They are fun, and they bring out the best in each other, and in the customers. Gallows doesn’t make anyone feel like just a customer, you feel as if you’ve known everyone for a century or so.

Gallows had a beautiful Beltane ceremony that was hosted by Chris Bogden, Korie Urban, and Reverend Bea. It was beautiful. The energy in the room could have powered a few spaceships.

If you just so happen to be in the Lehigh Valley, or you’re a current resident, go and visit Gallows, and try the spirits, meet some people, have lots of fun. It’s a great place. Go and check it out.





Photos courtesy of: Janel Spiegel

Cupcakes made by: Jennifer and Jeff Donchez – Yin-Yang Sweets & Treats – facebook.com/yysweets – Cupcakes, Cookies and More.

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