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VAMP submissions

Calling all Scream Queens, Horror Actresses, Vamps and Gothic Models

Get yourself a feature page within our lovely HorrorNews.net Vamp section!!


1- Bio

2- 8 or more Images emailed to vamps@horrornews.net

3- web site address (if you would like others to get in contact with you)

As any model or actress knows, getting visibility is just as important as your photo shoot.Becuase we support women in horror and want to make space for up-and-comers as well, we have created a specific section on our site for showcasing these lovely beauties.

Photos must be professional (no quick cam Facebook photos)

We will evaluate submissions based on professional quality

As a well traveled site, it is almost guaranteed Google first page listing for your Vamp inclusion. Don’t delay, as many of our VAMP ladies have gone on to film roles and modeling gigs.

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