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Guest Blogger


Horror Fans come in all shapes, forms, and sizes. Though the key words here are “horror fan”. Many times (as we’ve learned), that term also comes attached to some pretty decent writers. HNN has always taken a community approach to bringing together the best of these talents and presenting it back out to you, the reader.

In this ever changing blogosphere, the need for fresh views, content and voices are ever so present. Take that factor and combine it with a new perspective or essay on the horror market and you’ve got something to give back to your colleagues. There’s is still another aspect that is not necessarily new, but is still a part of modern blogging which has been termed “guest blogger”.

Those who are trying to get into the business, want to further your networking, or simply just want to contribute to HNN with a “value link” back to your own site can do so with our new option. You might be just looking for new ways to enhance your SEO or Inbound marketing efforts….of which we fully understand.

We are making it easier for you by eliminating the gray and getting right down to it.

Here’s How it Works:

– Write a horror article of interest with a minimum of 650 words
(You can also email us for a topic of interest, if uncertain)

– Give it an interesting title
(We reserve the right to re-write the title)

– Spell check the article before submitting

Submit to HorrorNews.net in Word Document per guestblogger@horrornews.net


It can be new content, essays, studies, or even retrospective on the industry

It must be your own writing (no plagiarizing) – we do check!!!

The article “can not” be published on your own blog or site already.
(but you can announce it on your site with a link back to the full article)
(we also check on this)

You can include a link to your own site in the article upon approval.


– If it contains a “content marketing” link to a commercial site, we can decline it or ask that you “pay” for its inclusion
(articles which are primarily written to give link value back to commercial interest site – Example: Links back to an “online casino”, “insurance company”, “clothing site” or car dealership)

If this IS the case, you should contact us at: Advertising@horrornews.net, as those kind of articles are handled a different way.
(We can also accept it, but have to remove the link)

Please note, if we feel its not right for our site or written poorly we reserve the right to pass on the inclusion.

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