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Sneek a Peek at Peter Vincent In ‘Fright Night’ Remake Poster

Tom Holland’s 1985 horror flick Fright Night is getting a redo and it’s totally necessary considering how crappy the original one was to being with. In this poster, you see the new Peter Vincent, who was initially played by Roddy McDowall who will now be played by David Tennant who just so happens to be the kookie British scientist Dr. Who. The plot for the remake will remain the same for a group of teenagers who come to the realization that their neighbors are vampires.


  1. God this pioster is sh*t! When you look at the clever original. It’s frightening, it looks like something people would want to see. This version is in 3D, why? The original wasn’t. Pretty much says how terrible this movie actually is. I will avoid at all costs, thanks to this poster!

    • I’m approving your comments so that readers can read what kind of losers we get on here. Jamie, your commenting on a poster that is a year old. While the release is actually today. Havent you looked at more recent posters? Was there something that says this poster is better? I didnt see that in the report. There also is no review yet on our site about the new film. So why are you commenting on something that doesnt exist yet? Did you wake up this morning and decide you need to insult something for no apparent reason? If you dont like the site, why come back twice and enter in a comment….

      It appears your email address – vistashow1000@yahoo.co.uk
      is actually associated with spam and scams….readers take note! In fact its more likely a bot that is targeting “fright night” since this post is old

  2. BTW your site is crap. If you think the original was bad, this will be worse. Your review is sh*t by the way. Don’t give up your day job, buddy.


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