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Horrornews.net announces partnership with Movie & Music Network

watchnowHorrornews.net is pleased to officially announce a partnership with Movie & Music Network. They offer an incredible selection of B-Movies that are available for streaming, over 5000 titles on 48 different channels, and that number is increasing and possibly doubling very soon. Movie & Music Network CEO is Martin Greenwald, and he’s one of the legendary cult entertainment producer in the industry. He is responsible for cult hits like Insatiable and Drive-In Massacre. It will be a awesome pleasure to team up with Mr. Greeenwald and the Movie & Music Network to help bring some of those super cool movies to the Horrornews.net community. How it works is when WE review a movie selection off of the Movie & Music Network, YOU, the Horrornews.net reader, will also have access to watch that movie for FREE courtesy of Movie & Music Network. Now, that is only the tip of the killer iceberg, as we are working together to enhance your online horror experience at every level.


More details to come


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