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Midnight Screenings of SCREAM & RE-ANIMATOR at Brooklyn’s Nitehawk

2014_10_03 - SCREAM and REANIMATOR

Head out to the Nitehawk Cinema in Brooklyn this weekend.  The theatre will be showing midnight screenings of Stuart Gordon’s Re-animator (1985) and Wes Craven’s Scream (1996) in two separate theatres at midnight tonight and tomorrow night – these are not double features.  From the press release:

Scream:  Many consider Wes Craven’s Scream to be the end of an era for the American horror film as it folds in all of the genre’s tropes of the previous twenty years into one meta experience. With one of the more shocking first scene’s in horror history (akin to Hitchcock killing off his main character in Psycho), it establishes everything you need to know about the ride you’re about to go on. More than anything, and without being hokey, Scream is a whole lot of fun as a group of high school students ponder the “rules” of horror movies while a masked killer cleverly guts their peers. At the center of it all is our horror heroine Sidney, a virgin who seems to be the target of the killer’s affection.

Re-animator: H.P. Lovecraft’s writings can be difficult to adapt to the big screen but this 1985 horror-comedy film, based on the story “Herbert West – Re-animator”, is by far one of the best…and the most entertaining. Brilliant but strange medical student Herbert West starts some trouble when he brings his professor (Hans Gruber, not from Die Hard) back from the dead. This, naturally, complicates things for everybody but particularly for one fellow med student and his girlfriend. Sure this is a comedy in this cult favorite but there’s gore a-plenty!

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