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Trailer Arrives For HOOKED UP – The First iPhone Shot Horror Film

Is this really the first horror flick shot on an iPhone? Well, that’s what the press release says so I’m going to roll with it.

I guess it really was just a matter of time till it happened, a full length flick shot on on iPhone just seems like the natural progression of things and that brings us to HOOKED UP. My first question is, how many charged iPhones did they have on set as they did this? Mine goes dead trying to film my Grandkids going down the sliding board at the park. I can’t imagine shooting a whole damn film on one, but it appears they found an extension cord long enough and did just that.

It’s titled HOOKED UP and today brought the official trailer, here ya go:


The official line goes like this:

Tonio and Peter, two young Americans, travel to Barcelona to party and, above all, to score with women. During their very first night out partying, they meet some girls that they go home with. There, things will take an unexpected turn. With no possibility of escape, they must face their worse nightmares. The film is directed by Pablo Larcuen and is produced by Jaume Collet-Serra who also brought us ORPHAN. The film will be presented at this years Stiges Film Festival.


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