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A LIttle Tease For The New Episode Of THE FOLLOWING

Instead of teasing THE WALKING DEAD, which you are all watching anyway I thought tonight I would throw you a bit of a curve and instead try to get you to focus your attention on FOX’s THE FOLLOWING. If you’re not yet following THE FOLLOWING now is the time to get off you ass and do so. Written by SCREAM scribe Kevin Williamson and starring Kevin Bacon this is one smart, fun, thrill ride that manages to surprise me week after week.

This weeks episode, which airs on Monday night at 9 PM is titled LET ME GO. Here’s the official breakdown from FOX:

“The Following” Episode 1.07 – “Let Me Go” (airs 3/4/13; repeats 3/9/13)
With the help of attorney Olivia Warren (Renee Elise Goldsberry), Joe Carroll (James Purefoy) makes a case against Ryan (Kevin Bacon) and the FBI to be transferred to a different facility, but Ryan suspects a larger plan may be at play. Meanwhile Emma (Valorie Curry) and Joey (Kyle Catlett) arrive at a meeting point and come across another one of Roderick’s men who has a secret of his own.

If you haven’t been watching you can catch up on VOD, I know TIME WARNER is hosting the show on their PRIMETIME ON DEMAND channel and I’m sure all the other major carriers are doing the same.

Here’s a teaser to get you hoping Monday hurries up and gets here:


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