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JournalStone Publishing Announces Author Joe McKinney’s St Rage

–JournalStone Publishing (JSP) President, Christopher C. Payne is pleased to announce the signing of a contract with award winning author, Joe McKinney for the publication of his new novel, St Rage, tentatively set for release in August of 2014.

About the Book: Her memory is a blank. Texas State Trooper Mark Bowles finds her wandering in the wreckage of a 160 car pile up, crying for her missing children. Bowles tries to unravel the mystery of who she is, but Death seems to be on her trail, and everyone she’s crossed paths with is dead or missing. Marked for the slaughter, she leads Bowles in a race for survival through a nightmare world of deadly occult secrets. For centuries those secrets have been kept by Ayauhteotl, an ancient mummy from an Aztec tomb, and now she’s set her sights on Trooper Bowles and the woman he’s rapidly falling for. Who is Avery Maxwell, and what’s behind her memory loss? The mystery just might kill them both.

About the Author: Joe McKinney has been a patrol officer for the San Antonio Police Department, a disaster mitigation specialist, homicide detective, administrator, patrol commander, and successful novelist. Winner of the Bram Stoker Award for his 2011 novel Flesh Eaters, he is the author of the four part Dead World series, Quarantined, Inheritance, Lost Girl of the Lake, Crooked House and Dodging Bullets. His short fiction has been collected in The Red Empire and Other Stories and Dating in Dead World: The Complete Zombie Short Fiction. For more information visit his website at http://joemckinney.wordpress.com.

JournalStone Publishing is a small press publishing company, focusing in the Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror genres in both the adult and young adult markets. JSP also owns and operates the Hellnotes website, offering daily news and reviews of interest to genre readers and fans, and Dark Discoveries Magazine, a slick, full color, distinguished and internationally distributed quarterly magazine. We publish in multiple book formats and market our authors on a global level. We are also active with major writer’s groups, including the Horror Writers Association (HWA), and produce a monthly newsletter with exposure to thousands of people.

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