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Interview: Bill Oberst Jr. (Children of Sorrow)

Exclusive HorrorNews.net Interview : Bill Oberst Jr.

Special uncut 70+ minute conversation as Bill covers a plethora of horror topics including his new award winning movie, Children of Sorrow.  Other items discussed:  Universal Studios Monsters (Dracula, Frankenstein, Wolfman), “Nude Nuns with Big Guns” & crazy behind the camera stories, childhood nightmares, our darkest fears and what scares us the most,  the question explored, “What a horror movie SHOULD BE?”, upcoming film, “Lord Bateman”, and the “DEAD afterlife” screenplay.

If you want to contact Bill Oberst Jr., he wants to hear from YOU, the horror fans !!


One comment

  1. Great feedback coming in for this interview :

    “Bill, I’m listening to your interview on Horrornews.net; I am so glad someone has approached the topic of “what is scary” in that way. I love horror movies, but the only thing that scares me is the exact things you were talking about (evil spirits, demons etc.). I can’t think of how many times I’ve thought to myself: why don’t they make more movies like blah blah blah…and like you, there are a few that touch briefly on my fear frequencies, like Insidious and The Others only to defuse that fear with some kitsch or twist.

    As someone who, just for fun, is writing a piece of horror fiction, I found this conversation very refreshing, and validating that I’m on the right track horror-wise.



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