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Book Review: How to Zombie Walk: A Guide to the Zombie Event – Author Eric Hahn

How to Zombie Walk: A Guide to the Zombie Event
Author: Eric Hahn

With the current zombie craze in full swing, it’s inevitable that someone other than novelists would soon start taking advantage, and what Eric Hahn did was nothing short of genius. For the last five years, he has held an annual Zombie Walk in Omaha, a highly coordinated, highly entertaining event that keeps getting bigger and better each year.

What started as just good old fun between some friends is now a huge event, with almost two thousand zombies chasing victims through city streets until they too have been zombified. In this guide, Mr. Hahn explains step-by-step how to set up your own zombie walk, and while not everyone may have the patience to do so, I think it can be agreed upon that the world would be a much better place with a few more zombies in it each year.

On his site (the link is below), Hahn promises that “This e-book comes with document examples, a step by step process for the beginner, and some tips for the experienced zombie walk event coordinators that will make your next walk the best yet! Whatever your level, I guarantee there is something in this guide that you have not thought of.”

I was surprised that, while relatively short, the guide does in fact live up to his promise; although it seems simple enough to set up a small little event, there were certainly many ideas that Mr. Hahn offers that the normal person such as myself would simply forget or ignore. The depth of explanation in so few pages is incredibly valuable and the sheer excitement of his own personal examples made me want to get up and coordinate my own zombie walk right now in the middle of November.

Although the price for a simple guide may seem steep at first, the information and tips offered are invaluable to anyone hoping to create such an event. From sponsorships to entertainment to makeup ideas, this puppy is just chock full of helpful hints for the aspiring zombie lover.

Included in the package is the guide, a set of comprehensive rules for participants, and some great ideas on how to get sponsors and funding. I really can’t recommend this enough.

Before reading Mr. Hahn’s guide, the thought had never even crossed my mind to have a “zombie walk”, but now as I write this I am simultaneously making a check list of what I am going to do at my own 1st annual zombie walk, officially starting next year. In the meantime, stay undead my friends.

Buy from: http://www.zombiewalkomaha.com/how-to-zombie-walk/ for $8.75


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