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Book Review: Rosedale the Vampyre – Author Lev Raphael

Rosedale the Vampyre is the latest novella by Lev Raphael.  It’s a wonderfully told historical supernatural novella about a man’s journey into the unknown.  The story is told in a period voice, so you will easily find yourself immersed in the story.  Grief-stricken by his wife’s untimely death, a wealthy New York banker turns to sexual abandon in the bordellos of 1907 New York. Then one fateful night, after a mysterious attack, he dies to his old life and is reborn a vampire.

Raphael tells a fascinating story from beginning to end.  The story will keep you interested and you will want to finish it in one sitting.  You will find yourself immersed deep in the story of Rosedale and the many emotions he goes through.

Rosedale is heartbroken at the death of his beloved wife when he finds himself at a New York brothel where he wants to lose himself in the earthly pleasures.  All he wants to do is ease the great pain of missing his wife.  Little does he know that his life will be changed forever.  One night while leaving the brothel, he is bitten and life as he knows it will ever be the same.  His transformation into a vampire is described very well, and you will feel like you are right there with him.

Rosedale the Vampyre by Lev Raphael is a must read for any fan of the horror genre.  The story is an original spin on an old idea, and there are plenty of interesting twists and turns.  There are a lot of vampire stories out there today, but this is one that is not like all the rest.  Raphael is a talented writer who tells the story well.  The novella can be summed up in three words:  suspenseful, dark and erotic.  It’s a riveting and very well written story that will leave you wanting more.  I highly recommend reading it, and I know you won’t be disappointed.

For more information about the author:  www.levraphael.com

Book Review: Rosedale the Vampyre – Author Lev Raphael

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