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Book Review: Unexplained! Strange Sightings – Author Jerome Clark

3rd Edition
Written by Jerome clark
Published by Visible Ink Press
Format: Black /White – 600 pages
Price: $22.95

We live in the age of curiosity. As evidenced by the numerous books dedicated to the subjects as standalones, we are a society who are fascinated by our legends but require proof and existence in this day and age where information is the gold mind to intellectual thought. “Unexplained written by Jerome Clark is a recent edition that tackles much and many of the subjects we tend to learn about thru reality shows and such that cater to this very audience.

While a book on Sasquatch’s and the Lock Ness is hardly new, this edition takes the road less followed by taking on its research thru the many of the lesser oddities. These range from creatures, to legends, to strange lights in the sky….. each with their own bit of history locations and worthy amount of data attached. Black dogs, Hairy Dwarves…it almost sounds like the kind of materiel we’d expect to read about in a Harry Potter book, however this is just a sampling of the many weird and wonderful things that make our world go round. “Unexplained” totals over 600 words of solid material collected to lay the groundwork for each of these featured anomalies.

A simple flip thru will take you into worlds of information about things we never knew existed. Whether it’s water hounds or a hairy man named “Yowie”, I’m sure there will be much here that pokes at your inquisitive nature. Perhaps it doesn’t have to be “uncovered living dinosaurs” and your simply wanting to know about bizarre kangaroo sightings which by standards is not the same as seeing a UFO… but may be strange enough to have seen it appearing in out of place locals such as Chicago? I’ve never seen a “Moma”, a lake monster, or a hairy biped, but just because we “haven’t” doesn’t mean that they are to out there. I compare this sensation to admiring the pyramids of Egypt from afar via pictures and ideas, but never actually visiting them myself.

Martian mummies, a devil’s sea, or maybe some new perspectives on Noah’s ark….it’s all here providing hours of solid researched reading for fans of the metaphysical, extraterrestrial and strange items of interest. Curious about snakes that have lived in human stomachs? How about a life form that looks like bubbles? How about a bear-coyote-looking beast referred to as a “Wahhoo”?

I’m sure you’ll learn a few new things about weird elements within our own history and culture that have been real enough to warrant their creation of reports on sightings, experiences and real world encounters. Whether you want to believe them or not, there is no ignoring the impact they have had via the world over. Perhaps that which is strange yesterday will someday become the norm. As we grow and technology enables us to capture more than ever, we enable ourselves to learn that much faster about things that have long been off the common radar. Jerome CVlack, is a fantastic writer and researcher who places these social elements of life right at our fingertips with tales or old and new. A great new read from the folks at Visible Ink chock full of data and stories that will give you a new perspective on our world.

Book Review: Unexplained! Strange Sightings, Incredible Occurrences, and Puzzling Physical Phenomen – Author Jerome Clark

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