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Oracle Announces – The Archangel’s 1st Proctor [The Holy Treasure] Book Release

The Indie Oracle is proud to announce the release of The Archangel’s 1St Proctor [The Holy treasure] by Joshua Darcey, Launching November 2012.

This is a fast paced story, introducing you to the world of the Vekel Augustine Council, as well as corrupted members of the Vatican, a Watcher and host of Angels, a brotherhood of dedicated monks, and a squadron of the Devil’s demons in the form of the Fallen, with an exorcism, torture in the dungeons, murders by those under influence by items of Holy Treasure, and murderous slashing and ripping by the Fallen, thrown in for horrific measure. Holy Treasure in the form of sceptres, scrolls, codices, and much more, in the wrong hands turn ordinary people into demented murderers. One particular murder, in Vatican City, at the house of the Canons Regular, has the immortal members of the Vekel Augustine Council chasing a Cardinal’s aide to the shores of the Unites States, where more horrific murders take place. Good against evil, immortal against mortal, Angels and Watcher against the Fallen. A truly excellent, literary take and an unfolding of a new ‘religious horror’ genre.

Joshua’s book, first in the series, is a large works at approx 364 pages; available in paper back and eformat, it can be purchased via the Indie Oracle website ; http://theindieoracle.com/flash/the-archangels-first-proctor.html

and at Amazon ;

All enquiries should be directed to info@theindieoracle.com

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