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Tom Holland and his Twisted Curios – Private Archives Now Open!

The Iconic Filmmaker Behind Classic Films Like Fright Night and Child’s Play Opens Up His Private Archives for the First-Time Ever!

Known as the storyteller at the helm of numerous modern horror classics including Fright Night, Child’s Play, The Langoliers, Thinner as well as the upcoming projects “Tom Holland’s Twisted Tales” and The Ten O’Clock People, Holland recently launched his brand new online venture- Tom Holland’s Twisted Curios- which gives horror fans the chance to purchase items from the Master of Horror’s own personal collection of cinema memorabilia as well as showcase up-and-coming and established horror artists and their work.

“As someone who has been working in the horror genre over the years, I’ve gained quite a collection of props, documentation and memorabilia that I want to share with my fans everywhere,” said Holland. “The fans really are the heart and soul of the horror genre so I’m thrilled to now have an outlet to be able to share some of the unique and one-of-a-kind items from both my film and television projects.”

When fans visit Tom Holland’s Twisted Curios, they can purchase a myriad of the director’s personal memorabilia including a one-of-a-kind Fright Night diorama featuring the scene between “Evil” Ed and charismatic vampire Jerry Dandridge, signed production blueprints from the set of Fright Night or a copy of the recently unearthed script by Holland for The Beast Within which comes from the filmmaker’s own personal archives. Also on sale are many of the posters from Holland’s films (all signed), signed copies of DVDs and Blu-Rays and so much more.

Also currently featured on Twisted Curios is renowned horror artist Clint Carney who created a limited series of Fright Night-inspired artwork and several other genre-themed t-shirts and collectibles; Holland will be continuously updating Twisted Curios with more one-of-a-kind collectibles and memorabilia in the coming months as part of his ongoing effort to support the independent horror scene.

Holland added, “Being able to showcase great independent horror artists like Clint Carney on Twisted Curios is a great opportunity to introduce fans to some fresh new talent in our online gallery. Clint’s work is some of the best I’ve ever seen and his Fright Night-inspired prints are a beautifully modern take on some of my favorite characters that I’ve brought to life on the big screen during my career.”

For more information on Tom Holland’s Twisted Curios please visit www.twistedcurios.com


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